Hsinchu Science Park The first establishment of its kind in Taiwan, the Hsinchu Science Park was set up on December 15, 1980. The Hsinchu Science Park Bureau(HSPB) is charged with the duty of developing, operating and managing the park. By ushering in technologies and talent from abroad, bringing about the transformation of domestic conventional industry, and fostering the upgrade of industrial technology across the board, the park is intended to help high-tech industry take off in Taiwan.

Placed under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, the SPB is a government agency designed mainly to serve, providing HSP companies with convenient services and all the amenities they need. In addition to comprehensive one-stop and online services, the SPB makes available a full range of facilities at the park that will fulfill every aspect of their daily needs: food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and recreation. In their turn, tenant companies are thus able to concentrate in their production and R&D, creating even greater economic benefits for Taiwan and its people.

In order to best serve tenant companies at the park, the SPB divides its duties among the following units:

* Planning Division
Responsible for planning and studying policies, strategies and measures for the HSP’s overall development; promoting innovation through R&D; training talent in science and technology and soliciting more manpower resources; conducting industry-academia cooperation as well as technical training; liaising on behalf of National Experimental High School; supervising finances of the HSP’s Operations Fund; undertaking analysis of management affairs, etc.
* Investment Division
Responsible for soliciting investments and promoting the park; supervising and managing tenant companies; evaluating tenant companies’ technological capability and product performance; general-purpose technical services and facilities; trade affairs; managing strategic high-tech goods; issuing certificates of origin; managing bonded goods, etc.
* Environmental Protection and Safety Division
Responsible for matters related to labor relations, labor welfare, labor safety and hygiene, labor inspection, planning and supervision of operations with regard to environmental protection, etc.
* Business Services Division
Responsible for matters related to start of business; assistance in tenant operations; audit of finances; inspection of imported telecommunications equipment and issuance of pertinent certificates; issuance of business registrations and certificates for tax exemptions/deductions; screening and managing the employment of foreign professionals; upkeep of manpower data at the park; outsourcing and overseeing storage/transportation operations; safeguarding the security of the park; supervising the fire brigade; overseeing and coordinating with the police brigade, etc.
* Construction Management Division
Responsible for land development; construction and maintenance of infrastructure facilities, plants and residential compounds; coordination with regard to water and electricity supplies; planning and management of traffic-related operations, etc.
* Land Development Division
Responsible for affairs related to land designation and expropriation; leasing of plants and residential units; planning and management of park landscape; control of land use as dictated by urban planning; management of buildings; landscape maintenance; supervising and coordinating with the cleaning squad, etc.
* Secretariat
Responsible for matters related to documents, seals, cash transactions, general affairs, legal affairs, etc.
* Personnel Office
Responsible for drafting organizational statutes and administrative regulations as well as drawing up the personnel establishment for every unit; personnel employment and discharge as well as their transfer, remuneration, performance appraisal, insurance, business travel and leave, retirement, pensions, etc.
* Budget, Accounting, and Statistics Office
Responsible for drafting and compiling the Bureau’s budgets, annual financial statements and other accounting reports; executing internal audit; overseeing and undertaking procurement projects; setting new accounting procedures, etc.
* Civil Service Ethics Office
Responsible for drafting and propagating the Bureau’s ethics-related regulations; keeping intact official secrets and preserving the security of the institution itself; preventing, disclosing and handling allegations against corruption or other wrongdoings on the part of Bureau’s employees, etc.
* Cleaning Squad
Responsible for keeping the Hsinchu, Jhunan(Zhunan) and Longtan parks clean and sterilizing their premises; collecting garbage from residential areas and some industrial zones; managing the outsourcing of such operations as recycling, etc.
* Station House
Responsible for preserving the security of tenant companies and other organizations at the park; undertaking disaster prevention and offering relief in the event of an emergency.
* Police Brigade
Responsible for enforcing traffic control and handling traffic accidents; public security; foreign affairs; criminal investigation; crackdown on violations; serving as guards of visiting foreign dignitaries; coping with public demonstrations, etc.
* Public Relations
Responsible for coordinating and liaising with the Legislative Yuan; preparing responses to parliamentary queries on behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology and following them up afterwards; assisting in making arrangements for inspections and visits by parliamentarians; promoting community services to befriend park neighbors, etc.

The Bureau knows better than to feel self-complacent. It is set to further improve its way of doing things and find new ways to render services so that a quality investment environment can be nurtured at the park and in turn benefit the national economy. The Bureau aims to make a paradigm--a service-oriented government agency recognized for its efficiency, honesty and competence as well as capacity for making things easier for the people it serves.


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