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*An Introduction to the Jhunan Science Park

The site of the Jhunan Science Park, at Dingpu Village, Jhunan Township, Miaoli County, was accorded its current status by the Executive Yuan in July 1997. Construction on the 123-hectare Jhunan base as a satellite park of the HSP began in July 1999. To date it has accommodated biotechnology, telecommunications and optoelectronics ventures. The establishment of the Jhunan site as a multipurpose science and technology park has proven effective in fostering the region’s industry upgrade and sustainable development. That is, the cultivation of high-tech industry here has gone a long way toward attaining balanced development across the board.

The Jhunan Science Park is fitted with well-rounded infrastructure and public facilities. To date 80 standardized plants meant for high-tech companies have been built, including 40 designed specifically to cater to biotechnology ventures. In terms of pollution control, the park has a sewage system that handles rainwater and wastewater separately. Furthermore, there is a Class III sewage treatment plant with a daily capacity for handling 60,000 cubic meters of wastewater. With its operations consigned to a Class A environmental engineering firm, the plant was accorded by the Environmental Protection Administration an Excellence Award after its “Evaluation of Sewage and Drainage Systems at Industrial Parks” for three consecutive years from 2005 to 2007. On the other hand, the park is equipped with a 24,000-cubic meter distribution reservoir, a 35,000-cublic meter storage reservoir and two primary distribution substations, allowing it to provide tenant companies with top-quality water and electricity. Other establishments catering to daily needs include banks, telecom operators, police, restaurants, employment service providers, etc. Alongside an activity center and a park, an exclusive bike path has been installed to serve both park employees and residents of nearby communities.

As of the end of December 2015, 50 companies had found their way into the Jhunan Science Park, employing a total of some 13,700 people. It is expected that more ventures will be granted approval to set up shop here in the foreseeable future. More plants will be built and a greater number of jobs will be made available to high-tech professionals at the park.

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