International Cooperation

Science Park Newsletter
*International Cooperation
Major International Organizations
Name Link
Asian Science Parks Association (ASPA) http://cyberaspa.org/
Association of University Research Parks(AURP) http://www.aurp.net/
International association of Science Parks(IASP) http://www.iasp.ws
Foreign Parks Associated
National Name Link
Brazil Parque Cientifico e Tecnologico da Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul http://www.pucrs.br
The Federal University of Rio Grande Do Norte  
France Sofia Antipolis Science Park http://www.sophia-antipolis.org
Canada Quebec Metro High Tech Park http://www.parctechno.com/eng/
The Science Council of British Columbia
Japan Kitakyushu Science and Research Park http://www.ksrp.or.jp/
Yokosuka Research Park http://www.yrp.co.jp
Kyoto Research Park http://www.krp.co.jp/
Korea Asian Science Park Association http://cyberaspa.org/eng/
Gyeonggi Technopark http://www.gtp.or.kr/antp/eng/main.jsp
Spain Parque Tecnologico de Andalucia http://www.pta.es/
Sweden Mjardevi Science Park http://www.mjardevi.se/
Thailand Thailand Science Park http://www.sciencepark.or.th/
Turkey Hancettepe TEKNOKENT http://www.hacettepeteknokent.com.tr/
U.K. Manchester Science Park http://www.mspl.co.uk/
U.S.A. Arrowhead Science Park  
City of San Jose http://www.sanjoseca.gov/
City of Baton Rouge Parish of East Baton Rouge http://brgov.com/
Sandia Science and Technology Park http://www.sstp.org
Science and Technology Park@UNM http://iss.unm.edu/
The California State University http://www.calstate.edu/
The Economic Development Alliance for Business
(The San Francisco East Bay)
Tri-Cities Science & Technology Park http://www.tricitiesresearchdistrict.org/
Vietnam Hoa Lac High Tech Park http://www.hhtp.gov.vn
Business Opportunity
Name Link
Companies in HsinChu Science Park http://www.sipa.gov.tw/english/home.jsp?
Innovation and New Technology http://www.sipa.gov.tw/english/home.jsp?

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