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Inquiries & Visits

Applying for a visit to the Science Park Bureau

  Types of Visitor : Domestic/foreign academia, business, media, government agencies, legislative bodies
  Procedure of Application
1. Call Section Two of the Bureau’s Investment Services Division (03-5773311-1705), explaining nature of visiting and purpose, number of visitors, planned time of visit, etc. Applicants are also supposed to provide the phone number of their contact person and fax their itinerary and other relevant details to (03)577-6222.
2. Procedure of Reception:
  a. An oral briefing alongside an introductory video
b. Q&A
c. Presenting a scale model of the park and giving an account of products made by tenant companies
1. If somehow a visit to the SPB is not available, you are invited to contact the Science Park Life Hub at 03 (563-1680). With a fee, this civic organization will also provide guided tours of the park.
2. Please approach the Science Park Life Hub directly for sightseeing tours as the SPB is not able to host tourists.

Maintenance: Investment Services Division Last Update:2015/07/28

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