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Capturing Opportunities Arising from Industrial


The global industry is in the midst of an important trend, transitioning from the PC period, through the mobile age, to the Internet of Things (IoT) era. An innovative industry chain is beginning to take shape, including Big Data, cloud ecosystem, system integration and a wide range of smart applications. Since its establishment, Yilan Science Park, due to its unique socio-cultural and geographical environments, has been working towards forming an industrial community focused on the development of knowledge-based economy (including communications knowledge services, digital content and R&D industries) and therefore will be an ideal investment for businesses eying IoT development opportunities.


Soft Power Unrivalled in Taiwan

The Yilan County government has long been devoted to environmental protection, socio-cultural development and infrastructure planning and Yilan has consistently been named as one of the most livable cities by major media. Yilan’s unique administration experience has set an example of municipal governance for other local and foreign cities. Yilan Science Park is surrounded by a high-quality living environment, which is important to talent recruitment. The opening of the Hsuehshan Tunnel further brought booming developments of tourism, creative and lifestyle industries. These conditions will make Yilan Science Park a new type of science park with smart applications and intelligent life, setting the very first example in Taiwan.

Location Advantages Enabling Talent Recruitment

Located at the center of the Yilan Plain which is only a 40-minute drive from Taipei, Yilan Science Park strategically positioned itself as the leading science park in IoT era, featuring investments in smart application industry. Yilan has been a popular destination for visitors from Taipei during holidays. The development of smart application investments in Yilan Science Park will further attract business travelers during work days. Combining the geographic advantage and local high-quality living environment, Yilan Science Park is developed into a talent incubation and industrial export base for smart applications.


Investing in Yilan Science Park and
getting ready for the next industrial boom

Yilan Science Park combines local business and culture and develops a smart living park, starting a clustering effect. Yilan Science Park combines incentives from both the central and local governments and provides the following investment support :


Research subsidy funding up to USD 330 thousand

Subsidy plan for advanced research: When a vendor has completed business registration, moved into the park, and submitted a proposal stating its overall future R&D plan on new technology or product, it will receive subsidy funding up to USD 330 thousand (no more than 50% of the total fund required for the R&D plan).


Bonded area tax benefits

Yilan Science Park is a bonded area where machinery, equipment, items and semi-finished products imported by park tenants for self-use are exempt from import tax, commodity tax and sales tax. Furthermore, park tenants will enjoy 0% sales tax if they export products and services to overseas markets. According to the Yilan County government’s Implementation Guidelines for Yilan County Investment Incentives, eligible park tenants may receive property tax reduction or exemption for three years and rent subsidy for two years.


Premium administrative efficiency

The Park Bureau is authorized by the central and local authorities to provide a one-stop service for all official procedures including those for investment approval, building construction, business license, industrial safety inspection, trade visa, environmental protection and traffic-related matters, saving park tenants from having to run around public offices.

The Yilan County government, known for its high-quality, friendly and efficient public services, is fully committed to providing all-round administrative support for the science park, giving businesses confidence to settle at the park.

Building coverage ratio

  • Taiwan’s first communications knowledge services park with a 70.63-hectare area, 34.82 hectares of which are used for tenant facilities
  • Business incubator and Start-up Hub hold guidance and matching activities to build up innovative entrepreneurship.
  • 60% building coverage ratio, 200% floor area ratio, 20-year land lease
  • Total area for dormitory use will not exceed 10% of total park business area
  • Following the Hsinchu Science Park standard, Yilan Science Park has been pre-constructed with complete underground fiber optic cable duct installation and is located close to the submarine cable station in Toucheng.
  • 29 standard units with 82.75 m2, 165.5 m2, 331 m2 and 662 m2 floor plants available

Rental and related costs:

  • Land(NTD/㎡/month, with adjustment every 3 years)
    23.74NTD/㎡ /month
  • Standard Factory
    139 NTD/㎡/month (special price 97 NTD/㎡/month from 7/1/2016 to 12/31/2020)
  • Management Fee
    Accounting on 0.19% out of sales revenue or based on land area leased, choosing the higher one for charging.
  • Power Cost: Each degree: 2-3 NTD depending on power used.
  • Water Cost: Each degree: 7-11 NTD depending on water used.



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