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* Title:8 New Tenants Moved in the HSP
* Date of Announcement:2020/04/13
* Deadline:2023/05/31
* Content:
The 61th Science Park Investment Supervisory Committee approved 8 new tenants at science parks, namely Coretronic MEMS Corporation, CoreOptics Technology Inc., Instant NanaBiosensors Co., LTD. Hsinchu Branch, Successful Advanced Materials CO., LTD, CHIDON Biotechnology co., ltd. Hsinchu Science Park Branch,. MITAC DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION, Heron Neutron Medical Corp. , and Wolf Dataware CO., LTD., with a total of capital of 2,685 million NTD approved.

1. Coretronic MEMS Corporation
(1) Category: Integrated Circuit
(2) Products:
1.MEMS Accelerometer
2.MEMS Pressure sensor
3.MEMS Scanning mirror
4.Industrial Predictive Maintenance Solution
(3) Capital: NTD200,000,000

2. CoreOptics Technology Inc.
(1) Category: Optoelectronics
(2) Products:
1.Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
2.Distributed Feedback Laser
3.PIN Photodiode / Avalanche Photodiode
(3) Capital: NTD80,000,000

3. Instant NanaBiosensors Co., LTD. Hsinchu Branch
(1) Category: Biotechnology
(2) Products: Light Sensing Biomarker Analyzer & Chip
(3) Capital: NTD45,000,000

4. Successful Advanced Materials CO., LTD
(1) Category: Precision Machinery
(2) Products:
1.Alloy powders
2.Superhard alloy cylinders
3.Alloy materials
4.Machining and materials analysis
(3) Capital: NTD20,000,000

5. CHIDON Biotechnology co., ltd. Hsinchu Science Park Branch.
(1) Category: Biotechnology
(2) Products:
1.CHIDON® Newwhitening utility compound
2.CHIDON® Photothermally stable anti-oxidant compound
3.CHIDON® New antibacterial compound
(3) Capital: NTD20,000,000

(1) Category: Computers and Peripherals
(2) Products:
1.System Software Program and Applications
2.Portable Navigation Device
3.Car Navigation System and Electronic Device for Automotive
4.GPS Driving Video Recording Device
5.Outdoor Lighting Control System
6.Industrial Tablet
7.AI Image Technology and Applications
8.Outdoor Navigation for Recreational
9.Sensor Fusion Device
10.Video Device Management System
11.Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Related Device
12.Services Related to Above Products
(3) Capital: NTD1,500,000,000

7. Heron Neutron Medical Corp.
(1) Category: Biotechnology
(2) Products:
1. A-BNCT medical device
2. Patient positioning system for BNCT
3. A-BNCT treatment planning system
4. Radiation shielding design service
(3) Capital: NTD800,000,000

8. Wolf Dataware CO., LTD.
(1) Category: Biotechnology
(2) Products: LIMS Cell and Gene Therapy No-Code Development Platform
(3) Capital: NTD20,000,000
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