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* Title:Biomedical Solutions to COVID-19
*Subtitle:On-line Live Forum on "Biomedical Solutions to COVID-19 and Genetic Analyses"
* Date of Announcement:2020/08/06
* Deadline:2025/08/16
* Content:
Glad to have a great chance to share Taiwan's Bio-tech industry technologies and competence to Youtube viewers and the public. Originally the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau would like to host a summit in Malaysia but because of Covid19 we can not make it. So, we have today’s on-line program. As figure of COVID19 cases still rising globally, people in Taiwan are much luckier so far, and we are willing to share the capacities and experiences to help and work with global partners to search for feasible biomedical solutions. Today, there are 7 leading biomedical device and pharmaceutical makers present on-line and would like to show you their brilliant know-hows.
Tags of today's companies are as follows:

#Phalanx Biotech Company
#SMOBIO Technology, Inc.
#Caduceus Biotechnology
#General Biologicals Corporation
#LifeOS Genomics Corporation
#United BioPharma
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