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* Title:3 New Tenants Moved in the HSP
* Date of Announcement:2020/08/25
* Deadline:2020/12/31
* Content:
The 64th Science Park Investment Supervisory Committee approved 3 new tenants at science parks, namely Major Power Technology Co., Ltd., Taiwan Active Enterprise Co., Ltd. and JelloX Biotech Inc., with a total of capital of 390 million NTD approved.
1. Major Power Technology Co., Ltd.
(1)Category: Integrated Circuit
1. Hall IC
2. DC-DC Power IC
(3)Capital: NTD200,000,000

2. Taiwan Active Enterprise Co., Ltd.
(1)Category: Precision Machinery
1. Application and processing services for non-ferrous metal materials
(1) Grain refinement material
(2) High-strength precipitation hardening material
(3) Multilayer cladding material
(4) High temperature resistance cushion material
2. Design and assembly services for related equipment of circuit board
pressing production
(3)Capital: NTD150,000,000

3. JelloX Biotech Inc.
(1)Category: Biotechnology
US FDA Class II 510K, Software as a Medical Device, SaMD
1. 3D Digital pathology imaging and analysis service
2. 3D Digital tissue image analysis cloud platform
(3)Capital: NTD40,000,000
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