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* Title:Hsinchu Science Park 40th Anniversary Celebration Series_2020 Parent-child DIY Nature Education Expe
*Subtitle:Hsinchu Science Park 40th Anniversary Celebration Series_2020 Parent-child DIY Nature Education Expe
* Date of Announcement:2020/08/31
* Deadline:2020/12/31
* Content:
Hsinchu Science Park paces into the 40th anniversary this year! On the occasion of flying over 40, it symbolizes a sustainable high-quality environmental management of the park and terrific ecosystem. In order to promote the environment and natural experience, the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau and the park landscape cleaning and maintenance outsourced company jointly held the "2020 Parent-child DIY Nature Educational experience activities " on August 26, which integrate plant ecology education and five senses experience, enhancing their understanding of environmental education through experience and parent-child interaction.
"Glory of the HSP (Hsinchu Science Park), Flying over 40," in his speech, Wenhuo-Cai, Director of Land Development Division, mentioned the importance and efforts of the park for green beautification in the past 40 years. Since the early planning stage, a large area of green space has been reserved, which turns into a great garden for adjacent communities. In addition to harmonizing climate changes and improving air quality, the park tries it best to provide a better and more comfortable environment for people working and living at the park, as well as home to many wild animals.
Hsinchu Science Park Bureau and the park landscape maintenance company have been held jointly diversified nature education and experience parent-child DIY activities since last year, which won a warm feedback. Hosting the third time this year, participation in the programs is hot, since the current park landscape maintenance outsourced company possesses certification of ISA arboriculture and environmental education. During the celebration program, parents and children can work together to complete DIY creation. The plants used in the sphagnum ball are all shade-tolerant and suitable for indoor planting at the park, allowing everyone to know more about the plants, through caring and observing grass head babies. People can also know that the grass seeds spontaneously germinate and grow up stronger, and participate in the life journey of the plants at the park. Lecturer of the program also shared the ecological stories happening at the park, allowing children to acquaint with a variety of wood, leaves, seeds, flowers and fruits with different feeling and smell its unique natural taste with five senses through natural materials.
The parent-child experience activities at the park have different contents every year. This activity experienced the production of potted plants with grass head babies and sphagnum balls, allowing the participants to bring back their lovely works, with rich knowledge and full sense of accomplishment. Through this event, participants can learn about the natural ecology from the surrounding environment and raise their awareness of ecological conservation.
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