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Congratulations to Hsinchu Science Park 40th Anniversary! 2020.12.11
Science Park Bureau Won in the Science Park Cup Tournament 2020.11.06
DG Wang Addressed to Indian Students in a Talk at NTHU 2020.10.28
Deputy Director General Hsu Participated in an On-line EU-Taiwan Forum 2020.10.20
A Brilliant Investment Choice Located between Northern and Central Taiwan“Tongluo Science Park” 2020.10.15
A Second Rally Call Sounded for Multinationals to Invest in the Tongluo Science Park 2020.10.07
Visit of Kaohsiung City Council Delegation 2020.09.25
Winners of Outstanding Enterprise Award for Waste Reduction and Circular Economy Released 2020.09.10
Biomedical Solutions to COVID-19 2020.08.06
5 New Tenants Moved in the HSP 2020.07.06
Training Programs of KSP Business School 2020.06.03
Future Development Strategy of the HSP #4 2020.05.28
Carl A. Marrara: You've got a friend in Taiwan 2020.05.07
Meeting rooms disinfection measures at HSPB 2020.04.27
8 New Tenants Moved in the HSP 2020.04.13

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