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Hsinchu Science Park
The first establishment of its kind in Taiwan, the Hsinchu Science Park was set up on December 15, 1980. The Hsinchu Science Park Bureau(HSPB) is charged with the duty of developing, operating and managing the park. By ushering in technologies and talent from abroad, bringing about the transformation of domestic conventional industry, and fostering the upgrade of industrial technology across the board, the park is intended to help high-tech industry take off in Taiwan.

Placed under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, the HSPB is a government agency designed mainly to serve, providing HSP companies with convenient services and all the amenities they need. In addition to comprehensive one-stop and online services, the HSPB makes available a full range of facilities at the park that will fulfill every aspect of their daily needs: food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and recreation. In their turn, tenant companies are thus able to concentrate in their production and R&D, creating even greater economic benefits for Taiwan and its people.

In order to best serve tenant companies at the park, the HSPB divides its duties among the following units:

* Planning Division
Affairs related to planning, research and evaluation of the science park development goals and strategies, affairs related to drafting the Park annual plan and undertaking its subsequent control and evaluation, affairs related to setting key gauges for measuring development of the park and projects under control, compilation of annual budgets of the Park, affairs related to liaising with other pertinent units undertaking duties assigned by higher authorities or other special projects, planning and advancing industry-academia cooperation and their collaboration in personnel training, coordination regarding schooling for children of park employees, compiling the various quarterly reports and official statistics of the Park, fiscal planning of the Park’s Operation Fund and operation and fiscal analysis of the Park’s Operation Fund, public relations, congress contacts, and other Park-related planning affairs.
* Investment Division
Promotion of science park innovation industries and startups, science park related business soliciting strategies, investment regulation drafting, venture startups planning and administration, business operation statistics, and economic analyses, consulting and query services for investment cases, licensing new startups, and investment attraction, drafting, coordinating, and negotiating investment related measures, undertaking propaganda and advertising campaigns to help elevate image of the park, e.g. exhibition and service facilities allocation, international cooperation and visitors reception, approving visits of professionals from Mainland China, other investment related affairs.
* Environmental Protection and Safety Division
Advisory assistance of labor management relation at the science park, advisory services for labor condition at science park and gender equality in employment, advisory services and sanction of vocational welfare, science park sport games and art activities arrangement and holding, coordination of national defense reserves, deferred defense calls, and business units, management of science park vocational safety and health affairs, labor inspection at science park, operation and management of science park waste water treatment plant, planning and enforcement of environmental protection related affairs at science park, other science park related labor and environmental protection related affairs.
* Business Services Division
Planning and processing of business registration, e.g. company registration, factory registration, vehicle loan registration, etc., sanction of business move-in, business administration affairs, e.g. duty exemption license, operation survey, sanction of final business report, interior audit of science park operation fund income, coordination and management of science park security and protection system enforcement, civil defense affairs, hazard treatment and emergency response, etc., approval of foreign professional employment, science park logistic management, sanction of international trade, merchandise import and export approval, certificate of origin of products, control of military-use high-tech products, bond affairs, and management fee collection, science park custom clearance related affairs, science park fire fighting related affairs, other related business administration, security, and custom clearance related affairs.
* Construction Management Division
Construction and maintenance of science park construction works, construction and maintenance of science park standard fabs and dormitories, science park water and power use plan sanction, science park water use coordination and water use reduction policy enforcement, science park power use coordination, safety advisory services, and approval of electric engineers, coordination of science park gas supply and demand, management of science park traffic and parking lots, sanction of science park road digging, coordination of local community subsidies, other affairs concerning construction works, and traffic at science park.
* Land Development Division
Procurement and expropriation of private land for science park and use of public land, land administration at science park and compilation of land cadastre, expropriation and transfer of buildings, registration and management of ownership of land and buildings at the park and related taxation and insurance, leasing science park land, factories, and residential units, rental setting and adjustment for land, fabs, and residential units, science park establishment project initiation, planning, and related plans sanction, review and amendment of science park urban plan and non-urban land, sanction of urban plans, land use control and construction control, science park landscape planning, maintenance, and management, science park general waste cleaning, other science park land development related affairs.
* Secretariat
Documentation, archives, and seals management, meeting coordination, cash transactions, procurement, etc., offices, dormitories, and related spaces management, sanctioning, coordinating, and supervising building, expanding, and moving of offices, dormitories, and related spaces of the bureau, supervising construction works and uses of offices, dormitories, archives, properties, and vehicles, related policy planning, implementation, and control, management of skilled and manual workers, laws, contraction, litigation, and legal consultation related affairs, businesses not related to other divisions.
* Personnel Office
Managing personnel related affairs, e.g. organization related law and enforcement rules amendment, personnel employment, promotion, salary, performance evaluation, insurance, leaves, retirement, etc.
* Budget, Accounting, and Statistics Office
Managing annual budgets, accounting, and statistics related affairs.
* Civil Service Ethics Office
Managing civil service ethics related affairs, e.g. advocate of civil service ethics related issues, civil service intelligence and security maintenance, prevention of illegal affairs, etc.
* Cleaning Squad
Responsible for administrative duties of the squad; upkeep of environmental cleanliness, environmental sterilization, and garbage collection from residential areas and some industrial quarters at the Hsinchu, Jhunan, Longtan, Yilan, Tongluo, and Biomedical science parks; outsourcing of such operations as recycling, etc.
* Jhunan SP Service Center, Tongluo SP Service Center, Longtan SP Service Center, Yilan SP Service Center
Management of science park related coordination affairs.
* Police Brigade
The Science Park Police Brigade was empowered by the Enforcement Rules of the Second Special Police Corps, NPA, MOI to carry out hazard treatment, security management, foreign affairs management, criminal investigation, clampdown of violation, custody of important guests, prevention and treatment of civilian protests, etc.
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