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*I. Foreword

If there is a high-tech wonderland with terrific landscape, diversified lifestyles, and cordial cultural characteristics, then the Yilan Science Park will absolutely take the crown. The Executive Yuan in Taiwan approved the preparatory plan of the Yilan Science Park on May 16, 2005, giving the park a legal standpoint for follow-up development. Necessary infrastructure and public utilities in the first phase of park development have been completed and the first tenant, OMNI Calibration Laboratory Ltd., has moved in the park on April 24, 2013. With strengths of local industrial and cultural elements, together with scenic surroundings, the Yilan Science Park will certainly act as a piloting science park in east Taiwan guiding development of local digital content industries.

*II. Strengths of the Yilan Science Park

  1. Government policy support of fostering knowledge-based telecommunications and digital content industries development at the park as core mission.
    Strengths of the Yilan Science Park
  2. Brilliant supports from the Hsinchu Science Park in terms of superior ICT industries and technologies, as well as unique development experiences.
  3. Taipei-Yilan National Freeway literally extends the high-tech corridor in western Taiwan to Yilan. It is now only a 40-minute drive from Taipei to Yilan. As such, the county and city of Taipei and the counties of Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Yilan can all be perceived as participants in a common community for people to work and spend their leisure time.
  4. The park is conveniently located, with the Yilan Sports Park (27 hectares, venue of national sport and festival events) to its north, the Yilan County Government Complex (site of the Yilan county government and council) to its south, and downtown with 5 minutes drive. Superior scenic environment offers a creative working venue for those who work at the park.
    Yilan Science Park
  5. Cheaper land prices, 23.46NTD/m2/month at present, and an abundant pool of human resources go a long way toward bringing down operating costs.
  6. In its southwest, the park borders on the site meant for the National Ilan University, together with a number of academia, e.g., Fo Guang University, Tamkang University Lanyang Campus, and Lan Yang Institute of Technology. Cooperation across industry, government and academia going forward will greatly facilitate the cultivation and utilization of high-caliber talent. Security units, pipelines, wastewater treatment facilities, and experimental schools are well allocated, offering a superior living and working environment.
  7. Given its appealing natural surroundings, Yilan County makes a fine choice for high-tech professionals as both their workplace and home. Intended as an outfit specializing in knowledge-based services, the park is expected to attract establishments of such varieties to form a unique cluster, thereby enabling other industries in Yilan and eastern Taiwan to move on to higher grounds.
  8. One-stop administrative services offered by the Science Park Bureau, which make tenant away from time-consuming application procedures

*III. Development profile of the Yilan Science Park (Chen-Nan Base)

  1. The first science park in Taiwan focusing on development of digital contents and knowledge-based telecommunications industries.
  2. Area: 70.8 hectares. A total of34.82 hectares of industry zone will be available after completed.
    Building coverage ratio
  3. Building coverage ratio: 60%. Floor area ratio: 200%. Tenancy: 20 years and renewable. The total area for housing should not exceed 10% of the area for industrial land.
  4. Incubators and labs at the park will be soon available.

*IV. Incentives for investors:

  1. Corporate income tax: 17%
  2. R&D expenditure tax deduction up to 15% without exceeding 30% of corporate tax to be paid
  3. The Yilan Science Park is a bonded area where all the imported machines could enjoy five-year of free customs duties.
  4. Following the standards and specifications of the HSP, related underground pipelines for utilities and optical fibers have been well prepared. To-chen ocean telecommunications cable is nearby, providing superior quality of network services.
  5. R&D grant is given up to 10 million NTD for each project.

*V. Rental and related costs:

  1. A. Land(NTD/m2/month, with adjustment every 3 years)
    23.46NTD/ m2 /month
  2. B.Standard Factory
    139 NTD/m2 /month (special price 97 NTD/㎡/month from 7/1/2016 to 12/31/2020)
  3. C.Management Fee
    Accounting on 0.19% out of sales revenue or based on land area leased, choosing the higher one for charging.
  4. D.Power Cost: Each degree: 2-3 NTD depending on power used.
  5. E.Water Cost: Each degree: 7-11 depending on to us used.

*VI. Target industries to usher in:

  1. Telecommunications knowledge-based industries: related network software and knowledge service applications.
  2. Innovative and R&D-based industries: pioneering product R&D centers or innovative startups incubators.
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