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*An introduction to the Science Park Bureau

Hsinchu Science Park
Driven by the government’s policy initiative, the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) was initiated on December 15, 1980. Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau(HSPB) is given the responsibility of developing, operating and managing the park. Spanning a total of 1,342 hectares, it comprises six locations—the Hsinchu, Zhunan, Longtan, Tongluo and Yilan science parks as well as the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park. The park is intended to help high-tech industry take off in Taiwan and stimulate domestic industries to redouble their R&D endeavors by ushering in the latest technologies and top-notch professionals from abroad.

The HSPB is composed of six divisions--Planning, Investment, Environmental protection and safety, Business, Construction Management and Land Development, as well as four offices—Secretariat, Personnel, Accounting and Civil Service Ethics (please refer to the Organizational Structure Table). Working together, these units do their best to provide tenant companies with top-tier infrastructure and comprehensive one-stop services. They are also committed to making available most up-to-date R&D mechanisms and frameworks for cooperation across industry, academia and research institutions.

The success story of the HSP has been recognized by many countries around the world as a paradigm worthy of emulation. The convergence of semiconductor ventures—wafer foundry, IC design, photomasking, packaging and testing—readily makes the park a self-sufficient vertical system for division of labor. Over the years quite a few products coming out of the park have won the coveted glory of being the world’s No. 1, and the HSP has thus been hailed as Taiwan’s Silicon Valley. Building on the HSP’s huge success, the government later set up the Southern Taiwan Science Park and Central Taiwan Science Park. In turn, the three now form a complete high-tech corridor along Taiwan’s west coast that accommodates any number of technology ventures spanning the entire spectrum of the supply chain.

Looking ahead, the HSPB is set to adhere to its core value, that is, always making things easy for those who it serves, and offering services efficiently, honestly and competently. Drawing on its professionalism and efficiency, the HSPB will take the initiative to serve tenant companies by providing them with a top-of-the-line investment environment. It will also assist HSP companies in maximizing the integration of their R&D resources with those available at other specialized research organizations and cultivating top-notch talent, thus giving a boost to Taiwan’s overall R&D capability. The objective is to ensure the HSP’s sustainable development and ultimate emergence as the best “cluster of innovative ventures” in the world arena.

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