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Accounting Office

The Accounting and Statistics Office is responsible for the following:

1. Drafting, reviewing, compiling and approving/transferring the annual budgets and financial statements of the Bureau and its affiliates
2. Drafting, reviewing, compiling and approving/transferring the annual budgets and financial statements of agencies under the jurisdiction of the Operations Fund
3. Allocating the budgets of the Bureau and its affiliates; drafting, reviewing, compiling and submitting their stage-by-stage execution plans and receipt/payment estimate tables
4. Applying for the use of budgeted funds for purposes not originally intended or their retention as well as the use of reserve funds according to law
5. Reviewing and compiling evaluation reports on budget enforcement
6. Undertaking internal audit
7. Reviewing and approving pay orders; approving and signing checks
8. Undertaking the entire bidding process-tender opening, price competition, price negotiation, contract awarding, and inspection and acceptance-with a view to securing contractors; procuring or leasing properties or having them made to order; entrusting or employing service providers
9. Drafting various accounting vouchers; recording and settling accounts; drafting the Bureau’s accounting reports and compiling those of its affiliates; drafting and compiling semi-annual financial statements
10. Examining the payment/receipt and safekeeping of cash and properties
11. Tracking the progress of budget enforcement related to operating income and expenses as well as capital expenditure; reviewing the actual outlay of funds budgeted for specific projects
12. Appraising the use of funds
13. Devising and modifying the accounting systems of the Bureau and its affiliates
14. Verifying and transferring survey findings and statistics related to tenant companies at the park
15. Planning, supervising and managing the Bureau’s various accounting-related affairs


Recruiting, appraising and training accounting personnel; undertaking affairs related to their retirement, layoff and transfer
17. Accounting affairs with regard to the properties of the Bureau and its affiliates
18. Any other matters related to accounting and statistics
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  Last Update:2021-02-24
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