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Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for the following affairs:

Overall Planning Section

1. Affairs related to the planning, research and evaluation of the park’s development goals and strategies
2. Affairs related to devising and enforcing plans with regard to the park’s overall operating environment
3. Affairs related to studying and setting general-purpose laws and regulations applicable to the park
4. Affairs related to setting key gauges foe measuring development of the park
5. Affairs related to drafting the Bureau’s annual plan and undertaking its subsequent control and evaluation
6. Affairs related to liaising with other pertinent units in undertaking duties assigned by higher authorities or other special projects
7. Affairs related to the research and evaluation of the Bureau’s major day-to-day work
8. Affairs related to estimating and compiling the Bureau’s annual budget
9. Affairs related to promotion of the Bureau’s internal reform and strengthening of services to the public
Industry-Academia Cooperation Section
1. Planning and advancing innovation and R&D endeavors undertaken by tenant companies
2. Planning and advancing industry-academia cooperation and their collaboration in personnel training
3. Sponsoring seminars and lectures on science and technology management
4. Affairs related to research projects either undertaken by the Bureau itself or consigned to other entities
5. Coordinating with parties concerned about schooling for children of park employees
6. Compiling the park’s various quarterly reports and official statistics
*Fund Management Section
1. Compilation of Annual Budget of the Park’s Operation Fund
2. Fiscal Planning of the Park’s Operation Fund
3. Operation and Fiscal Analysis of the Park’s Operation Fund
4. Compilation of Affairs of the Park Operation Fund’s Management Committee and the Supervisory Committee
5. Capital management on behalf of the park’s Operations Fund
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  Last Update:2021-02-24
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