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Investment Division

The Investment  Division is responsible for the following affairs:

Investment Services Section

1. Introduction of science and technology ventures as park tenants
2. Evaluation of investment applications and plans proposed by tenant companies regarding production, markets, finance, plant construction, etc.
3. Evaluation of applications for start of business, technical cooperation, capital increases and/or capacity expansion, capital decreases, investment withdrawals, mergers, etc. and other investment-related matters
4. Responding to queries about investment and technical cooperation projects and signing the pertinent contracts
5. Collecting or pressing for investment deposits; assessing investment projects after their completion
6. Setting quota for investments by overseas Chinese and foreigners
7. Evaluation of applications by science and technology ventures for government investment
8. Compilation and analysis of data and statistics with regard to investment and technical cooperation projects
9. Affairs related to organizing meetings of the park’s Supervisory Committee, including compiling proposals and keeping records.
10. Any other investment-related matters outside the jurisdiction of other units of the Bureau
Business Promotion Section
1. Promoting the park’s cooperation with the international community
2. Participating in international groupings of science parks
3. Hosting domestic and foreign visitors and providing consultation services to help solicit investments and further promote the image of the park
4. Undertaking propaganda and advertising campaigns to help solicit investments and further promote the image of the park
5. Organizing conferences and exhibitions to help solicit investments and further promote the image of the park
6. Consigning the operation and management of the park’s various promotional centers (e.g. display centers and consultation service centers)
7. Affairs related to applications by Chinese professionals to engage in business activities at the park


Sponsoring courses on sharing the park’s development experiences
9. Any other propaganda-related matters intended to help solicit investments and further promote the image of the park
Industry Economics Analysis Section
1. Domestic and foreign science park related economic and technology industry trend analysis
2. Present tenant business operation analysis
3. Establishment and maintenance of science park development indexes, evaluating economic contribution of science parks
4. Drafting administrative guidelines for science park industry development policies
5. Establishment and maintenance of science park industry knowledge bases
6. Drafting relevant industry and economic analysis data of science parks
7. Drafting annual reports, quarterly and monthly statistics reports, and newsletter


Promotion of science park innovation industries and cutting-edge ventures
9. Promotion and development of science park industry incubation
10. Bring-in and administration of science park innovation teams and incubators
11. Administration of innovation and venture related resources and establishment of relevant platforms
12. Drafting and maintenance of innovation and venture indexes, evaluating effect of science park innovation and venture activities
13. Drafting innovation and venture relevant policies
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  Last Update:2021-04-08
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