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Environmental Protection and Safety Division

The Environmental Protection and Safety Division is responsible for the following affairs:

Labor Administration

1. Giving guidance to tenant companies with regard to labor relations and offering consultation over pertinent laws and decrees
2. Settling labor disputes at tenant companies
3. Giving guidance to labor organizations of tenant companies
4. Serving as a liaison to the park’s business groups
5. Giving guidance to tenant companies with regard to retirement affairs; reviewing their internal regulations for the workplace
6. Giving guidance to the employee welfare committees of tenant companies; examining operations with regard to employee welfare
7. Issuing certificates to tenant companies that attest to their compliance with labor-related laws and decrees
8. Verifying tenant companies’ early termination of employment contracts with foreign workers
9. Affairs related to reporting of layoffs by tenant companies; reviewing mass dismissals by tenant companies
10. Affirming business closure of tenant companies
11. Supervising and reviewing tenant companies’ compliance with the Gender Equality in Employment Act
12. Reviewing measures taken by tenant companies to make a friendly workplace
13. Supervising the working of day-care facilities at tenant companies; reviewing subsidies proposed for such facilities
14. Serving as a liaison to tenant companies with regard to deferred calls and alternative military services to engage in R&D duties
15. Serving as a liaison to tenant companies with regard to employment services
16. Planning and undertaking recreational and sports activities at the park
17. Supervising and managing operations of the Recreation Center and Duxing Hall
Labor Inspection
1. Undertaking labor inspection at tenant companies and construction projects
2. Managing labor safety and hygiene at tenant companies and construction projects
3. Undertaking personnel training for tenant companies and construction projects with regard to occupational safety and hygiene; propagating pertinent laws and decrees
4. Examining machinery with a tendency to pose danger that is newly installed at tenant companies or construction projects
5. Reviewing and examining dangerous workplaces at the park
6. Promoting ways to help boost labor heath at the park
7. Compiling and analyzing statistics on occupational accidents at tenant companies
8. Supervising operations of the Science Park Clinic
Environmental Protection
1. Planning and management of operations related to environmental protection at the park
2. Prevention and control of water pollution, air pollution, noise and vibration, soil pollution, and groundwater pollution at the park
3. Reviewing proposals for the prevention and control of water pollution and stationary pollution sources as well as waste disposal
4. Operating, supervising and maintaining the park’s waste treatment sites and sewage systems
5. Monitoring, inspecting and analyzing the park’s environmental quality, as well as undertaking information management
6. Undertaking training programs on environmental protection and making the rounds
7. Promoting and giving guidance to waste recycling and reuse by tenant companies


Supervising and managing actions pledged by those who are undertaking development projects at the park in their environmental impact statements
9. Collecting user fees for the park’s sewage system; undertaking maintenance and repairs
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  Last Update:2021-02-24
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