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Business Services Division

The Business Services Division is responsible for the following affairs:

Business Administration Section

1. Reviewing and issuing business registrations to tenant companies and other business ventures at the park
2. Affairs related to consulting and transcription of tenant companies’ business registrations
3. Record-keeping for certification and issuance of equities and bonds by tenant companies
4. Registration of chattel secured transactions and trust possession at the park
5. Issuing certificates for tax deductions or investment tax credit to tenant companies
6. Reviewing applications of service industries at the park
7. Drafting administrative measures or regulations related to miscellaneous business affairs at the park; presenting proposals on revision
8. Reviewing financial statements of tenant companies; compiling annual reports on financial analysis and reports on operational abnormality
9. Conducting surveys on the operations of tenant companies and analyze related statistics
Security and Protection Section
1. Reviewing the employment of foreign technicians by tenant companies
2. Planning and undertaking emergency measures intended for accidents or disasters at the park
3. Upkeep of data regarding human resources at the park; compilation of monthly statistics
4. Preserving the park’s overall safety; liaising with military and local police
5. Organizing and training civil defense groupings
6. Serving as a liaison for the annual Wan-An Air Raid Drill
7. Liaising with park’s Police Brigade
8. Managing the park’s access control; installing road blocks and the like
9. Collaborating with security guards at the park
10. Affairs related to electronic security and monitoring systems as well as emergency telephone systems at the park
11. Upkeep of alarms at the park
12. Liaising with branches of regulatory authorities for various lines of business stationed at the park
13. Giving guidance and managing storage/transport operations at the park
14. Overseeing the Warehousing and Shipping Center’s transfer to private operators
15. Collecting management fees from tenants of the General Services Building after giving them prior notice
Trade Services Section
1. Examining the import/export licensing documents of tenant companies
2. Licensing and examining imports and exports by tenant companies
3. Compilation and analysis of statistics on trading activities of tenant companies
4. Determining and collecting fees for issuing certificates of origin under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) to tenant companies
5. Issuance of certificates of origin under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) to tenant companies
6. Drafting measures related to bond and external trade and liaising with parties concerned when necessary
7. Affairs related to control of high-tech exports by tenant companies


Other matters related to foreign exchange and external trade
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