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Construction Management Division

The Construction Management Division is responsible for the following:

Planning and Design Section

1. Supervising construction projects at the Hsinchu Science Park, Zhunan Science Park, Tongluo Science Park and Longtan Science Park
2. Inviting tenders, signing contracts and keeping track of ongoing projects
3. Enforcing control of spending on projects in accordance with their budget
4. Maintaining and managing the park’s Geographic Information System (GIS)
5. Receiving and dispatching official documents
Construction Section
1. Undertaking design of construction projects meant for the Hsinchu Science Park, Zhunan Science Park, Tongluo Science Park, Longtan Science Park and Yilan Science Park
2. Serving as a liaison for the supply of electricity, tap water, natural gas and nitrogen, as well as telecom links to the park
3. Reviewing water and electricity use planned by tenant companies
4. Giving guidance to tenant companies with regard to water conservation and electricity safety
5. Issuing certificates to electricians who are to work at the park
6. Compiling the annual budget
7. Other miscellaneous duties assigned to the Construction Management Division
Traffic and Public Facilities Maintenance Section
1. Traffic control at the park
2. Parking management at the park
3. Initiation of shuttle buses and coordination with related parties for ushering in public transport to the park
4. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) of towing services aimed at illegal parking
5. Installation, maintenance and management of traffic markings, lines and signs
6. Coordination for and promotion of projects designed to facilitate the park’s external links
7. Issuance of permits for road excavation at the park
8. Issuance of permits for road occupation at the park
Construction Section
1. Infrastructure maintenance
2. Maintenance of public buildings
3. Upkeep of tap water and electricity facilities, elevators, air conditioners, and fire-fighting equipment at public buildings
4. Coordination with related parties for the control of construction projects that may hamper or undermine infrastructure facilities
Senior Specialist: Responsible for other special projects and the granting of subsidies for construction projects at the local community
Maintenance: Personnel Office
  Last Update:2021-02-24
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