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Land Development Division

The Land Development Division is responsible for the following:

Land Administration and Leasing Section

1. Procurement and expropriation of private land at the park
2. Allocation of state-owned land at the park
3. Affairs related to land administration at the park
4. Compilation of the park’s land cadastre
5. Registration and management of ownership of land and buildings at the park
6. Filing tax returns and making payments for the lease of land, plants and residential units at the park; affairs related to the insurance for park buildings
7. Setting and adjusting the rentals for land, plants and residential units at the park
8. Readjusting workflows for the lease and management of land, plants and residential units at the park, as well as those for collecting and pressing for rentals
9. Expropriation/procurement and sale of buildings at the park
10. Any other matters related to land development outside the jurisdiction of other units of the Bureau
Construction Licensing Section
1. Mapping out topographic charts of the park and its vicinity
2. Drawing up and revising the master plans for various specific areas at the park and detailed schemes for multi-phase implementation
3. Presenting suggestions on the park’s urban planning when it undergoes routine across-the-board review
4. Affairs related to zoning restrictions over the use of land at the park’s specific areas
5. Offering administrative assistance in the enforcement of urban planning at the park, such as pole-setting and surveying, as well as undertaking subsequent management
6. Planning and undertaking the allocation of infrastructure facilities at the park
7. Issuance of licenses for the construction, use and demolition of buildings at the park, as well as miscellaneous licenses
8. Inspection and verification of buildings under construction
9. Giving designation or instruction over construction lines
10. Issuance of certificates for the use of land and combination of state-owned deformed land covered by the park’s urban planning
11. Issuance of certificates for division of statutory vacant land
12. Compilation of reports on urban construction projects and other construct-related affairs
13. Collaborating with other agencies in inspecting the safety of public buildings
14. Registration and management of architects and contractors
15. Management and demolition of buildings constructed without a license
16. Enforcing administrative orders in relation to construction management
17. Tackling construction-related disputes
18. Any other matters related to land management, urban planning, construction management, land use control, etc.
Landscape and Cleaning Section
1. Maintenance of the park’s landscape and cleanliness
2. Prevention and control of intrusion by the Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA) to the park
3. Prevention and control of brown root rot at the park
4. Affairs related to sponsorship of park areas and green zones at the science park
5. Review of the park’s urban planning related to the park’s landscape
6. Landscape-related review for the issuance of licenses for the construction, use, demolition of buildings at the park, as well as miscellaneous licenses
7. Affairs related to disposal of waste at the park
Cleaning Squad:
Responsible for the squad’s administrative duties; upkeep of environmental cleanliness, environmental sterilization, and garbage collection from residential areas and some industrial quarters at the Hsinchu, Zhunan and Longtan science parks; outsourcing of such operations as recycling, etc.
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  Last Update:2021-02-24
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