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The Secretariat Office is responsible for the following:

documents, archives, seals, general affairs, cash transactions, procurement, legal affairs, etc. with a view to assisting other divisions and units of the Bureau in performing their duties. It is composed of three sections—Documentation Section, General Affairs Section and Legal Affairs Section.

Documentation Section

1. Setting the agenda of interagency meetings and taking meeting minutes; notifying the related parties of resolutions being listed for subsequent tracking
2. Undertaking control and examination of and compiling statistics on the prescription of official documents; researching and planning the workflows for their processing
3. Maintenance of digitized official documents
4. Receiving/dispatching, registering, and distributing documents
5. Putting on record and tracking complaints and petitions
6. Seal management and document transcription/proofreading
7. Archive management

General Affairs Section

1. Registration and management of properties and articles
2. Upkeep of office cleanliness; maintenance and management of mechatronics and telecommunications equipment
3. Procure ready- and custom-made office supplies
4. Procurement of services and properties on behalf of all the other divisions and units of the Bureau
5. Cash transactions, management of marketable notes and petty cash funds, and reimbursement
6. Appraising the performance of skilled and manual workers, tracking their attendance, and paying their wages and pensions
7. Dispatch and maintenance/repairs of vehicles for official use
8. Reimbursement for travel expenses
9. Management of dormitories on loan
10. Management of conference rooms

Legal Affairs Section

1. Affairs related to laws and regulations:
(1) Mapping out and reviewing annual legislation plans and proposals on revamping existing laws and regulations; collaborating with related agencies to push the legislation process
(2) Drafting, modifying or appealing the Bureau’s laws, regulations and administrative rules
(3) Registration and management of the Bureau’s laws and regulations
(4) Presenting unitary interpretation the Bureau’s laws and regulations; providing legal counseling
2. Affairs related to contracts:
(1) Drafting, revising and verifying contracts
(2) Interpreting the clauses and terms in contracts
3. Acting as a proxy or offering assistance in handling lawsuits and disputes:
(1) Acting as a proxy or offering assistance in handling petitions, administrative litigation, requests for state compensation, etc.
(2) Acting as a proxy or offering assistance in the mediation and/or arbitration of contractual disputes
(3) Acting as a proxy in civil lawsuits; managing suits where legal advisers are brought in
4. Collaborating with other agencies in undertaking or reviewing operations related to legal affairs
5. Other matters related to legal affairs
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