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Categories of Enterprises

*A. Categories of Park Tenants

1. Any science and technology venture seeking to become a tenant at the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) must be a limited company incorporated in accordance with the Company Act, its branch, or the branch of a foreign firm equivalent to Taiwan’s limited companies. Without incurring public hazard, it is supposed to adopt an investment plan in compliance with Taiwan’s industrial development, employ or train a significant number of local engineers, set aside a certain ratio of its revenue as R&D spending, install a considerable lineup of equipment for research and experiment, etc. The HSP is now home to the following tenant companies:
(1) Integrated Circuit (IC)
As the largest industry at the park, the IC industry includes IC design, IC manufacturing (wafer foundry), IC materials, IC packaging, IC testing, semiconductor equipment, silicon wafer materials, etc.

(2) Computers and Peripherals

The computers and peripherals industry, comprises computer systems, storage equipment, input equipment, output equipment, networking equipment, special-purpose software, electromechanical systems, passive components, etc.
(3) Telecommunications
Tenant companies specializing in this field have ushered in the following products: telecommunications systems (telephones, modems and switchboards); microwave wireless communications systems and semiconductor components; optical fiber systems and components; satellite communications systems, etc.
(4) Optoelectronics
Tenant companies have ushered in optoelectronic systems and components (e.g. LT Poly Si TFT-LCD/PDP/OLED flat-panel displays, color display tubes, optical disc drives, digital still-frame cameras, contact image sensors, optoelectronic semiconductors, and photodiodes), as well as optical systems and components (e.g. optical instruments and lens).

(5) Precision Machinery

Tenant companies have introduced automation systems (e.g. PC-based NC controllers, robots, water jet cutters and factory information automation), automation components (e.g. precision gear cutting tools, servo motors and surface treatment), semiconductors, and LCD-making equipment and materials.
(6) Biotechnology
Tenant companies have ushered in biochips, vaccine reagents, medicine control plasters, medical instruments, 7-amino-cephalosporanic acid and seedlings, biomedical materials, inspection and certification services, etc.
2. Other ventures approved to be set up at the park so as to provide other tenant companies with operational, management or technological services.
3. In addition to the aforementioned ventures, research institutions and incubation centers are welcome to apply for setting up shop at the park as well. Eligible to stay at the park for up to three years, an incoming incubation center is required to focus on R&D and refrain from mass production.
*B. Management Bodies for Science Parks
Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, the Park Investment Supervisory Committee is charged with the duty of deliberating on major policies with regard to park development and investment applications relayed by the Science Park Bureau (SPB). In its turn, the SPB is responsible for managing and operating science parks and providing tenant companies with various services crucial to their operations.
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