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Introduction to Hsinchu Science Park

 Hsinchu Science Park

  • Science and technology is now an inseparable part of our lives every moment of the day. Industrial innovations and revolutions have ushered in new dimensions of convenience and intelligence to our daily lives. This in turn has strengthened our confidence as we look to and march toward the future.
  • The Hsinchu Science Park, or HSP for short, plays a key role in the world’s hi-tech community, especially in the semiconductor sector.
  • An abundant pool of talent. Unwavering technological innovation. A closely connected production network across national borders. Combined, these enable the HSP to host the most comprehensive cluster of semiconductor companies in the world. Many in this cluster have risen to global eminence.
  • Starting with one single park and expanding to six parks, the HSP has emerged as a paradigm for science parks around the world in fostering industrial clusters.
  • More than three decades of hard work has transformed the HSP from a stretch of tea plantations into a synonym for science and technology. It is now a magnet in northern Taiwan that attracts a great number of life-changing technology ventures.
  • Gathered here are major technology companies from various fields—semiconductor, computer peripherals and communications, optoelectronics, precision machinery, biotechnology, and medical care, as well as green energy and smart networking. Collaboration across full spectrums of supply chains makes possible their continuous introduction of innovative offerings that enhance the quality of living across the globe.
  • People form the primary driving force behind high-tech industries. The HSP is home to a good number of state-owned research institutions; they are fitted with advanced R&D equipment and staffed by the brightest brains in their respective spheres.
  • Collaboration across academic and research institutions and the industrial sector makes possible a cooperative network pooling the resources of government, industry, and academia. Innovation, incubation and R&D come together. Infinite possibilities are brought forth as different quarters of the science and technology community are allowed to share and inspire more creativity.
  • Industrial development cannot do without innovation and R&D. The so-called cluster effect also applies to the gathering of high-caliber professionals. Various incentives are offered to inspire their creativity.
  • While rewards and subsidies are offered to encourage industry-academia collaboration on R&D, innovation and talent cultivation, the SiSoft R&D
  • Center is turned into an incubation base. The HSP aims to further increase its capacity for growing talent and undertaking R&D by building a viable mechanism for industry-academia collaboration and putting in place a world-class setting for innovation.
  • On top of absolutely convenient shuttle bus services, the HSP is served by a well-connected transportation network that extends both southward and northward. There’s virtually no distance separating the HSP’s tenant companies operating in northern Taiwan from the rest of the world.
  • Sound infrastructure provides a solid foundation for tenant companies to grow and thrive.
  • In addition to standardized plants, we provide tenant companies with land to build their own—space and settings that best suit their needs.
  • There are quality, reliable water and power supplies as well as well-rounded facilities that meet daily needs. That is, we provide a safe operating environment where the employees of tenant companies can comfortably conduct production and enjoy their leisure time. All these translate into solid backing for tenant companies to charge ahead, earn international fame, and spearhead the development of their respective industries in the global arena.
  • We have streamlined our delivery of considerate, convenient and comprehensive one-stop services so that tenant companies can better focus on their R&D or production.
  • Committed to environmental protection and carbon reduction, the HSP is keen to make real a “park” on the lakeshore. Incentives are given to green energy ventures and green factories, and assistance is provided for water and energy conservation as well as carbon reduction. As such, tenant companies are accorded a genuinely green science park.
  • At the HSP, a good number of factories have won gold-level LEED certification and Taiwan’s diamond-level EEWH marks for green buildings and factories. Not only contributing to sustainable development at large, these certified companies also benefit in the form of cost savings made possible by energy conservation.
  • The HSP boasts not only an excellent production base for science and technology companies but also a well-appointed living environment for their employees. In particular, a bilingual high school is established to deliver quality education to the children of homecoming scholars and foreign employees.
  • Dorms adorned with lush greenery provide a cozy haven for tenant employees to call home.
  • The HSP offers a full range of recreational and entertainment facilities to help tenant employees relax and rest.
  • By taking meticulous care of every aspect of their daily lives, the HSP makes it a point that tenant employees are carefree both at work and in life.
  • This “carefree” readily comes clear to anyone who cares to stroll across the HSP. A beautiful landscape, meticulous services and a humanistic touch combine to make a well-rounded environment for innovation. It is also an inviting living environment where life is both good and interesting.
  • From our home base in Taiwan, the HSP as host extends a hearty welcome to the world. We welcome not only local companies but also internationally renowned businesses to set up shop and become our partners.
  • Each year, the HSP attracts more than 10,000 visitors to share in one of the most extraordinary success stories for science parks.
  • The HSP is proactive to attend major international trade shows, work with eminent academic institutions, and conduct exchanges with other leading science parks around the world. All this enables the HSP to stay abreast of global trends and command a prominent place on the world stage.
  • Passionate about what we do, the HSP offers a full spectrum of facilities and services so that tenant companies can fully assert themselves in the global market. The HSP is thus rightfully a window through which Taiwan presents itself to the world.
  • Over the years we have tided over oil crises, the global financial tsunami, and other periods of economic hardships.
  • In the meantime, we have pooled resources from all sides to bring about one science and technology wonder after another. While the HSP is hailed as one of the most esteemed science parks worldwide, Taiwan is now home to many big names of the global semiconductor industry.
  • Looking ahead, we are ready to march toward a low-carbon future sustained by green energy. Our goal is to build a pioneering science park with innovation and venture entrepreneurship. Our cluster effect promises to be one of perpetual progress, always pushing Taiwan’s technology industry to the forefront of the world.
  Last Update:2010-09-06
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