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     1.1 Services
     1.2 Notice to Investors
     1.3 Investments Application
           1.3.1 Categories of Enterprises
           1.3.2 Investment Incentives and Benefits
           1.3.3 Investment Guide (open new window)
           1.3.4 Application Form for Science-based Industry at the Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
2.Park Bureau
     2.1 Introduction
     2.2 About Director-General
     2.3 Administrative Strategies & Goals
     2.4 Organization Sturcture
     2.5 Responsibilities & Duties
           2.5.1 Planning Division
           2.5.2 Investment Services Division
           2.5.3 Environmental Protection and Safety Division
           2.5.4 Business Services Division
           2.5.5 Construction Management Division
           2.5.6 Land Development Division
           2.5.7 Secretariat
           2.5.8 Accounting Office
           2.5.9 Personnel Office
           2.5.10 Civil Service Ethics Office
     2.6 Contact & Map
     2.7 Offices Abroad
     2.8 Laws
3.About HSP
     3.1 Introduction
     3.2 Hsinchu Science Park
           3.2.1 Introduction
           3.2.2 Contact Us
           3.2.3 How to reach the Hsinchu Science Park
     3.3 Jhunan Science Park
           3.3.1 Introduction
           3.3.2 Contact Us
           3.3.3 How to reach the Jhunan Science Park
     3.4 Longtan Science Park
           3.4.1 Introduction
           3.4.2 Contact Us
           3.4.3 How to reach the Longtan Science Park
     3.5 Tongluo Science Park
           3.5.1 Introduction
           3.5.2 Contact Us
           3.5.3 How to reach the Tongluo Science Park
     3.6 Yilan Science Park
           3.6.1 Introduction
           3.6.2 Contact Us
           3.6.3 How to reach the Yilan Science Park
     3.7 Biomedical Park
           3.7.1 Introduction
           3.7.2 Contact Us
           3.7.3 How to reach the Biomedical Park
     4.1 List of Companies
     4.2 Innovative Product Awards
     5.1 Statistics Monthly
     5.2 Statistics Annually
           5.2.1 No. of Companies in Operation and Combined Sales
           5.2.2 Growth of Combined Sales - by Industries
           5.2.3 Allocation of Fund to R&D - by Industries
           5.2.4 R&D Innovation Grants
           5.2.5 Ages of Employees Educational Backgrounds
           5.2.6 List of Innovative Product Award Winners (open new window)
           5.2.7 Science Park R&D Accomplishment Award Winners (open new window)
           5.2.8 Patents approved over the years
     5.3 Annual Report
           5.3.1 2016 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
           5.3.2 2015 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
           5.3.3 2014 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
           5.3.4 2013 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
           5.3.5 2012 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
           5.3.6 2011 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
           5.3.7 2010 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
           5.3.8 2009 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
           5.3.9 2008 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
           5.3.10 2007 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
           5.3.11 2006 Hsinchu Science Park (open new window)
8.Security Policy
9.Privacy Policy
10.Open Government Declaration
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